RPGs, teardowns, ...

Posted by Wxcafé on Fri 16 June 2017

It’s starting to look more and more like a real blog here, I make less posts about a specific thing and more about what I’ve done recently. I mean sure it’s only been two months but still.

Anway. What’d I do this past month? Well, not much. I didn’t get much time, cause of school work. Thankfully tho I’m done with that for a while.

Anyways, here’s what I did do:

  • First, I made a bunch of posts (in french) abour pen and paper RPGs on that hashtag. These talk only about indy RPGs that I like, and there’s like 6 of them. I stopped doing them when I started working on the school stuff, but I might start again (not once a day tho, but still) in a while.
  • I also moved social.wxcafe.net from a VPS on Vultr to a VM on the same server that hosts imaginair.es
  • Since this, I also moved that server to another one, still at Online.net, taking advantage of the summer sales. I’ve been having some issues with IPv6 recently for some reason, but I’m still debugging that for now. It’s not that much of a blocking bug, as I can just reboot and that fixes it, but it’s still 2-5 minutes downtime every time the IPv6 disconnects, and it’s a bother. I didn’t have that problem on the older server for some reason, with the exact same configuration. But yeah IPv6 with Online.net has always been finicky, so I guess it’s to be expected. I’ll try to spend some time fixing this in the next month or so… But it might just end up working fine on its own after a while. IDK.
  • uh I guess that’s pretty much it? I’ve painted some miniatures at https://imaginair.es/@wxcafe, too, and I’m pretty excited for HOU prerelease, but that’s beyond our concern here I think.

Hmm. That doesn’t feel a lot like a real blog post. I might just do another one in the coming days, but that’s all I got for you for now.

See ya…

P.S.: Oh wait I said I’d talk about teardowns! I’ll do that in that next post then. Not only does that clearly separate concerns, it also makes this post have a great misleading title, which is perfect.