EuroBSDCon 2017

Posted by Wxcafé on Fri 29 September 2017

So, as you might know if you follow me on twitter/mastodon (and if you don’t, what are you doing here) and/or if you read the title, EuroBSDCon 2017 took place in Paris last weekend (September 23rd-24th). I was there, but not as an attendee! I actually am part of a student organization called GConfs (a pun on Gconf, the gnome configuration tool, and conferences) that’s composed of students of Epita (a french CS engineering school) and organizes conferences. Since we also have some competence in recording/streaming talks, we were selected to do the A/V work for all talks.


As a member of that org (and a BSD enthusiast), I volunteered to help with that and got the chance to go and watch a few talks from the A/V table :) This was an amazing experience! I didn’t know much about recording video and audio and streaming when the weekend started, and now I can work out something from a mixing table in a hurry with little trouble.


I’m glad I got the chance to be there, meet a few people I’ve wanted to have a chat with for a long time, and lend my laptop to Theo de Raadt for his talk (he ended up using another one, but hey :p). I didn’t think doing A/V work was this intensive, and as a result I couldn’t follow the talks as much as I wanted, so now I have a motivation for doing the post-production work and publish the recordings so I can actually watch the talks!

Michael W. Lucas

Anyway, it’s been a pretty good time. I’d like to thank the organization of the conference again here, and other people in GConfs who made it possible for us to work on this and were there with me to fiddle with the recording and microphones and to make everything work. See you next year in Romania (uh I’m not actually sure we can make it there… sorry)

Theo De Raadt

PS: catch me at 34c3 if you want one of these stickers :p